A faith-friendly 

counseling experience

Catholic/Christian Faith integrative counseling

     Salutaris is a Latin word meaning wholesome, beneficial, and healing. True wholeness is greatly aided by healing the mind in tandem with fostering a healthy spiritual life. I help clients to take an inventory of all aspects of their life, physical, mental, and spiritual. We then collaborate to create a treatment approach that is manageable and attainable. Research continually shows that when client and counselor work together openly in this manner, counseling has the most beneficial outcomes and can lead to healing in the client's life. 

What is unique about my approach? 

     I bring a balanced approach, combining the physical sciences of psychology with our spiritual nature as humans. Therapists are trained to respect client values and to not impose our own, while still challenging clients to examine their beliefs critically. I am respectful towards your faith and your beliefs, but don't shy away from deep spiritual questions. At the same time, I do not misidentify your religion as the sole cause of distress or discourage or belittle it in any way. This balanced approach leaves room for respectful dialogue about beliefs and useful integrations of your faith and sources of meaning. Because our beliefs are so much a part of who we are, it is essential that they should be integrated. When your values are allowed to be a part of your therapy, the healing process goes beyond simple behavioral modifications into a deeper healing of your whole being. To borrow from Viktor Frankl (famous psychiatrist and survivor of the Holocaust),

"Man may be pushed along by his base drives, but he is pulled ahead by his deepest values and sources of meaning."